Mud Volcano Adventure and Food Tour

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Mud Volcano / Beach / Food Experience
Time: 9am – 5pm

Our tour takes us to South Trinidad where we take a scenic drive through Chaguanas one of the oldest known settlements in Trinidad & Tobago, Couva one of the oldest sugar villages and San Fernando which has unique tertiary rock formations, a unique occurrence on our island.

Our first stop is “doubles capital” where we experience a wide variety of East Indian foods like doubles of course, saheena, pholourie, aloo pie, baiganee, cachourie and many more to give you energy for the fun ahead!

After we had our fill, our final destination is an exciting Mud Volcano. To get to the volcano (approx. 45 mins hiking) we hike through an abandoned sugar cane plantation and teak forest which consists of undulating hills with gentle inclines (you will be exposed to the sun). The mud volcano is a large circular pool of clay filled material. At the center, there are active vents which can be identified by the bubbles at the surface. It is said that the mud from the volcanoes cleans and rejuvenates your skin!!

After experiencing this amazing natural attraction, we hike an additional 30-45 minutes to the calm, warm and inviting beach which is perfect for washing off all the mud with a rejuvenating sea bath.

Extra Information

There are over 15 Mud Volcanoes in Trinidad. The original Amerindian inhabitants of Trinidad called these areas “guaico”, meaning “mud-stream”. A mud volcano does not erupt lava and superheated gases. Instead, it merely bubbles most of the time, allowing for cooler, trapped gases to escape from the earth’s shallower crust levels.

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