Bake-&-SharkReflecting the different ethnic groups, as well as the strong presence of international agencies and oil companies in T&T, the diversity of food and restaurants on the islands is more varied than elsewhere in the Caribbean.

The Indian influence is most strong on Trinidad, and foods like roti and doubles have become national favourites. Rotis Trini-style are flat bread wraps most often eaten at lunch, where something like a savoury pancake layered with split peas is filled with a choice of curried vegetables and/or meats, such as potato, channa (chick peas), bodi (string beans), sweet pumpkin, bhaji (spinach) and curried mango.

bake'n-sharkMost common meats are chicken or beef, but you’ll also find shrimp, goat, duck and other fillings on occasions. A very popular breakfast or nighttime snack is doubles, always served street-side and consisting of two small flat breads with curried channa spooned over them and toppings of pepper, cucumber or mango sauces.