Island Experiences is an Incoming Tour Operator and Destination Management Company servicing both Trinidad and Tobago. 


Island Experiences was founded in 1998 and is under the directorship of Gunda Busch-Harewood and her son Tano Harewood. Gunda who was born in the North of Germany and has lived in Trinidad for nearly 40 years. With more than 30 years’ experience in the tourism industry she covered the most important aspects of tourism, specifically tour guiding, tour coordinating, marketing in Trinidad & Tobago and abroad, managing, planning and supervising. Having been able to experience all different aspects of tourism personally she is well-qualified today to plan, execute and constantly improve Island Experiences’ product. 

Twelve years ago her son Tano Harewood and his wife Senissa have joined the company, increasing their capacity with fresh updated expertise, ideas and technology.  Having majored in Information Technology Senissa has introduced important technological adjustments to the booking, accounting and other major managerial areas within the company, while Tano brings in remarkable marketing, sales and general business expertise. His foresight and keen business sense – coupled with a heartfelt passion for his country & tourism and excellent management skills – provides the perfect combination for a successful business.

Who we are 

ISLAND EXPERIENCES is a full-fledged Destination Management Company & Incoming Tour Operator servicing both islands, Trinidad as well as Tobago. Our team is well-experienced and equipped to handle both international and local clientele. We have a permanent administrative staff of six – plus a large number of trained permanent and part-time drivers and guides. 

Island Experiences today is a major player in Trinidad and Tobago’s fledging tourism industry, impressing with stunning results on Trip Advisor, Expedia and other new online booking agents/platforms we represent. We work with major international tour operator and also manage excursions for major cruise lines. We continue to provide VIP services and tours at a variety of conferences. 

Our tours are extremely PERSONALIZED – Our main clientele is the individual traveller, the guest who is looking for special custom made experiences – we adjust and tailor-make all our tours – and most tours are done with just two persons or a small group. 

We are cultural ambassadors to T&T – bringing visitors closer to the mystical and wonderful nature of our very special islands and their amazing people. From exciting eco-tours to cultural shows with excellent local entertainment, simple city tours and beach trips with local culinary delights – our many years in the tourism industry gives us the experience needed to provide the impeccable service any international guests expect. We can truly provide our visitors with the Island Experience of a lifetime!

Where we are 

Our office is located at the Normandie Hotel in Port of Spain, Trinidad with opening hours from 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. On Weekends and Holidays we can be reached on our cell phones (also whatsapp), per e-mail and on facebook, we are available 24 hours. We offer tours on weekends and on evenings as well. We have managed a tour & information desk at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre. 

What we provide 

  • Tours for both local and international clientele (multi lingual)
  • Itinerary planning (groups and individuals / conferences / incentives)
  • Airport transfers & Meet & Greet at the airport 
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Down the Island DDI Charters (we own a 37 ft Bertram Yacht and a 20 ft Bowen boat)
  • Domestic flight  bookings and domestic ferry bookings 
  • Destination Briefings 
  • General representation (outgoing tour operators/travel agents)
  • 24 hour emergency service 
  • Tour Desk Services on location for hotels and conferences 
  • Cruise Ship Ground Handling incl. excursions
  • Conferences / Events / Incentives / VIP Services / Weddings
  • Media Facilitation (documentaries / movies etc)
  • Specialized tour services (birding, hiking, adventure)
  • General transportation/taxi services in both Trinidad and Tobago

Main focus 

Our main focus is customer satisfaction. We stay in touch with upcoming trends, technology and developments on the market to remain sensitive to the needs of our guests.

We constantly train new tour guides to satisfy the growing demand of our international clientele. And we aim to create new exciting tours with the utmost precision and customisation to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. We also liaise with our other local service providers, constantly sensitizing them to current demands, to create the best product possible. Our vehicles undergo regular checks, the timing of our tours is impeccable and we maintain excellent relationships with the tourism authorities, service providers and local communities. 

Accreditation and Membership: 

  • TTITOA (Incoming Tour Operators Association of Trinidad & Tobago). This guarantees Public Liability Insurance. 
  • TTHTI (Trinidad and Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association)
  • Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (registered and approved) 
  • TTTIC (Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Industry Certification)
  • FCCA (Florida Caribbean Cruise Association) 

Industry Partners: 

Our industry partners include large tour operators as well as many small travel agents from all over the world. We are also working with various online booking platforms and are recommended by major guide books. As for Cruise shipping – we are the ground handlers for several cruise lines for both Trinidad and Tobago.

Plus of course – our individual travelers! We love to personalize every experience!


WALK GENTLY ON MOTHER EARTH! We uphold love and respect for nature and culture as our most important aims. Your journey comes to life! 

“Island Experiences” places special focus on eco-cultural tours – our aim is to ensure that after a memorable stay in Trinidad & Tobago, visitors to our shores leave the island not only with a good impression of the beautiful sites and nature – but also with a deep knowledge of the culture of our beautiful people.