Rainforest Tour

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Tour along Caribbean coast / Gilpin Trace hike

Our tour takes us along the picturesque Caribbean Coast where we experience small villages and towns with beautiful scenery of coastal views and forest. Our moderate hike will take us into the Main Ridge Forest Reserve, which extends for about two thirds of the length of the island. It is the oldest protected Rainforest reserve in the Western hemisphere.

We will walk on the oldest named and best marked trail (Gilpin Trail). Many species of birds are found in the forest, manicou crabs patrol the undergrowth.

The plants are just as spectacular, from massive bamboo groves to spiny palms and bright red scarlet heliconia blooms.

The trail is easy and the terrain manageable, we walk at an easy pace.

Note: Tobago has no poisonous snakes.

Dress: Comfortable wear / Insect Repellant / change of clothing in case of rain
Shoes: Sturdy hiking shoes or firm sneakers

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