Mountain Village Jeep Adventure


Let’s tour the amazing Paramin mountains in the majestic Northern Range using local Jeeps (not for the faint-hearted, it is quite steep and the jeeps rustic). Experience life in a remote agricultural mountain village and breath-taking panoramic views.

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    Culture, Nature
  • Activity Level Easy - Moderate
  • Group Size Small Group
    Group Capacity: 2-4
All about the Mountain Village Jeep Adventure.

A village shrouded in the clouds. It is rumoured that some of the earliest residents of Paramin were runaway slaves or “maroons”, a refuge for slaves fleeing the plantations. The driver of  your rustic jeep is a community guide, who lives in this village. The thin ribbon of paved road we travel on passes fields of chives, thyme, parsley, cabbage, yam and peppers that are literally carved into the steep mountainside as you head toward the village centre. The panoramic views are simply out of this world!

Many of the villagers worship at “Our Lady of Guadeloupe church”, one of the stops on our tour, especially known for the mass it holds in “Patois” on Carnival Sunday. As you stroll through the village, the next stop is one of the families preparing their produce for the market (seasonal). Eventually you reach the “Mt Saut D’Eau” mountain peak, from where you experience the best view of all.

Our Highlights, Inclusions & Requirements:

Tour Time:

  • 9.00am -1.00pm



  • 4hrs or 6 hours with Maracas Bay



  • Tour in open jeep (covered)
  • Community driver-guide
  • Stunning panoramic views
  • Mountain village with laid-back agricultural community

Optional with swim at Maracas Beach at additional cost 

  • Swimwear & Towel
  • Sunblock



  • Hotel pick up and drop off in Port of Spain/Environs
  • Community driver-guide
  • Jeep fee
  • Water



  • Comfortable clothing